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About Us

Amerikick is a national martial arts association offering professional martial arts instruction and world champion training to men, women and children of all ages. Amerikick Karate in Brooklyn offers a wide variety of programs from Amerikick Tigers (ages 3and 4) and Dragons (ages 5 and 6) to Amerikick Kids (7 through 12) and Adults. All Amerikick programs are age specific and help students, regardless of their ability level, to reach their full potential through the motivational and inspiring classes lead by Amerikick professional and highly trained teaching staff.


Amerikick (formally known as American Karate Studios) was founded in 1967 by Grandmaster Dennis Tosten in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For over 40 years Grandmaster Tosten enjoyed the title of being Philadelphia’s oldest established karate studio at the intersection of Cottman Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard.

Grandmaster Tosten trained with and received his black belts from world famous martial artists including Joe Lewis (the first full contact heavy weight kickboxing champion of the world), Ed Parker (founder and Grandmaster of American Kenpo) and Remy Presas (founder and Grandmaster of Filipino Modern Arnis) Dr. Maung Gyi (Founder and Grandmaster of the Bando system). Grandmaster Dennis Tosten’s martial arts credentials are numerous.

He is a 10th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, a 9th degree black belt in American Kenpo, a 5th degree black belt in Modern Arnis, a master level instructor in the Joe Lewis fighting system a black belt in Shotakan and Tae Kwon Do and a master level instructor in Judo. Grandmaster Tosten has traveled the world teaching martial arts in many foreign countries including Canada, Mexico, Australia and Ireland.
Grandmaster Tosten is a former world champion competitor having competed on the national and international tournament circuits. He was a top rated competitor in forms, sparring and weapons. He also holds titles in Olympic style Tae Kwon Do and has fought and trained full contact fighting and boxing.

Grandmaster Tosten has spent many successful years teaching martial arts to thousands of students. In addition, Grandmaster Tosten has taught self defense to Philadelphia prison guards, police officers, elementary and high school teachers, DARE officers, WAR (women against rape) and countless other nonprofit organizations. Grandmaster Tosten is also certified to teach the handicapable.

Grandmaster Tosten is a teacher of teachers. He has promoted thousands of students to black belt and master levels of black belt including his wife Sharon Tosten, 8th degree black belt, Mark Russo, 6th degree black belt, Mike Semeriglia, 6th degree black belt, Mike Sautner, 6th degree black belt and Justin Smith, 5th degree black belt. Many of Grandmaster Tosten’s students have become world champion competitors. Black belts Nick Perdunn, Chris Millares, Mark Russo, Kevin Schlueter and Justin Smith have all achieved national and world sport karate titles. They have, in turn produced national and world champion karate competitors.


Today Amerikick Martial Arts operates in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Kansas. In 2007 Amerikick Karate merged with Masters Bob and Jill Leiker''s World Champion Karate Schools of Kansas and Missouri.

Amerikick boasts some of the greatest martial artists in the United States including 6th degree black beltt in JKD, MMA and Escrima, Matthew Augustein, and multi world champions Alex Davydov (Karate Brooklyn), Jarrett Leiker and Ross Levine (Karate Brooklyn).

Amerikick Mixed Martial Arts has been recognized locally and nationally for its outstanding service and family values. Amerikick has been recognized as one of the top Martial Arts schools in the United States by several Martial Arts organizations and has been rated by the National Black Belt League, the North American Sport Karate League and the World Sport Karate League as one of the top 25 sport karate schools in North America.

Many of Amerikick’s instructors and students have appeared on television and news shows for the promotion of the martial arts.

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We drive all the way from Bed Stuy to take classes here because we love it that much! Sensei Alex and his team are awesome! Classes are diverse, energy is always up . . . there is never a dull moment!